Clean Slate Customer surgery cleaning

Derby Road Health Centre – Nottingham

Doctors surgery flies through infection control audit

When Derby Road Health Centre and its sister surgery Grange Farm Medical Centre were getting to the end of their 1 year cleaning contract, Anna Benner, Practice Assistant, decided it was time to investigate her options.

Anna felt that she wasn’t getting the best cleaning service from her current supplier so invited 3 cleaning companies into quote. Anna commented “it can be difficult when looking for a new cleaning contractor because they are all selling a service which cannot be seen or assessed until you take them on but when Clean Slate visited I was very impressed to their approach to cleaning. I felt that they had a lot of good practices in place to address any cleaning issues, good self monitoring policy and good communication with their clients, which put my mind at rest.

“Since Clean Slate started in July 2011 we have been really pleased with their work. They transferred our cleaner from the previous contractor which was a really smooth process. He is now fully managed, supported and trained and has transformed into a superb cleaner.

“The cleaning at both surgeries runs really smoothly, and if there are any issues which need addressing I speak to my contracts manager and it gets resolved quickly, communication between all parties is very satisfactory.

“We have recently had our infection control audit which we flew through thanks to the efforts of staff at both surgeries along with the support of Clean Slate.

“As a surgery it’s really important for us to receive a competent cleaning service which is efficient and pays attention to detail, with Clean Slate we really feel we are getting that.”